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Unleashing Creativity

Exploration is my inspiration. I create pieces of artwork as a reflection of my surroundings and natural landscape.Clay is the medium in which I use to produce most forms. Using acrylic paints, metal, and found objects are also common materials among pieces I construct. My skills are revealed through carving clay, hand built forms, painting and a combination of these expressions. Ceramics is an involved process that is an ancient art form. I contribute to this traditional art making it contemporary, yet my designs are developed from its’ origins. Patterns and themes have emerged and evolved throughout my work, revealed in the iconography of my productions. My aesthetic comes from my adaptations and surroundings. Living in the mountains has proved to be very beneficial for me and my work as a cathartic expression. Objects that I see outdoors inspire me to explore deeper in relation to materials and sculpture. My creations of art express unsaid feelings, challenges, visions, identity and life. Art is made from things unknown and least of all from things that can be said. Creating makes it possible for people to communicate and gather, or as an artist to isolate and dream. When people see my work I would like them to feel a connection with me through simple creations.

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Clay-Mold it, mash it, roll it, smush it, do whatever you have to do to make a great art piece!

Wood-Find it, sand it, clean it, stain it… I use wood for paintings or combine it with ceramics.

Paints-Color it, shade it, tint it, I use paints on wood or canvas pieces. Sometimes I will even paint Happy Trees!

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 Aspen Colorado

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